Vallgorguina is a municipality located in little more than 2.700 inhabitants located at the edge of the comarca of the Vallès Oriental, in the Valley of the Catalan littoral depression, between the Serra and the Montnegre Corredor. This geomorphological feature, does that become the entrance to the Durham Natural Park of Montnegre to the Vallès plain, surrounded by woods with great wealth of flora and fauna. This makes it an ideal setting for nature lovers, hiking or mountain biking.

Apart from the location and environment, another tourist attractions is the megalithic heritage, with entries such as the Dolmen of Pedra Gentil, the remains of the Rocà and the Dolmen of Trull.

The settlements, the way of life of its inhabitants and the human evolution in Vallgorguina has always maintained a close relationship with their environment, and in particular with the forest, that has marked for many years the standard of living of its people. This relationship with the environment, the survival, the exploitation of forest resources, the cultivation of the land, gave rise to a form of life that leaves us an important historical and cultural legacy. This will preserve with initiatives such as the forest and the Earth – that is made each year to November – or the Museum of the forest and the peasantry, that includes a rich and interesting heritage of the way of life of our ancestors.

In this line, the year 1981 He created the Cultural Association of Birmingham with the aim to deepen the people's history research, the recovery of the cultural heritage and traditions. Throughout these years, among other things, have created a photographic archive of the village, have listed the different houses in the municipality and have restored the dolmen of Pedra Gentil, among other actions.

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