The proposed activities aim:

  • Encourage cooperative work in children.
  • Give continuity, or be the starting point, to project work developed in schools.
  • To make possible a transversal work of the curricular contents.
  • Be markedly experimental and experiential, that is why they are developed in the form of workshops

The activities are designed with the different curricular areas of the infant and primary stage in mind and adapted according to the age of the children..








Each tab will highlight the code of those areas that are being worked on (they will not always appear all), with this identification:

Childhood education:



Primary Education:




The proposed didactic proposals aim at:

  • Get to know the life of farmers before and how it has evolved in history.
  • Recover and disseminate knowledge related to the rural world.
  • Contextualize the importance of peasant work.
  • Raise awareness of the care of the natural environment.
  • Give importance to the life of the Forest (flora i fauna).