Family Ethnobotanical Outing

You would like to learn how to make a herbarium

You want to do activities with children? This activity is designed to come with children and families!!

Register for the ethnobotanical outing that we will do the next day 2 d’Abril a les 11.00 hrs in the town of Vallgorguina, the meeting point Plaça de la Vila in Vallgorguina.

From the hands of the biologist and phytotherapy expert Susanna Arjalaguer, we will take a walk where you will discover medicinal plants and herbs for cooking.

Reconeixerem i identificarem lare medicinal herbs that we will encounter along the way; podem trobar saüc, mauve, planting, tripon… and many more, some edible and some not. Susanna will tell us how they are collected, how they are dried and stored.

Attention!! Descobrireu el detalls que hi ha amagats a les diferents plantes gràcies a una lupa més potent!! Are you ready?

With the plants that we will find in the forest you will make your own herbarium knowing each plant and its uses., you will be able to create your nature notebook.

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COVID-19 – ATTENTION: A causa del Covid-19, establim unes security measures seguint les recomanacions de les autoritats sanitàries, fins a nou avís. Les sortides seran en grups reduïts and guides will use mask, speakers or radio guides and appropriate distance measurements. També hi haurà unes mandatory measures pels assistents:

  • Wear a mask for the duration of the activity.
  • Maintain 1,5-2 minimum distance between participants.
  • The use of hydroalcoholic gel is recommended.