Nordic March in Vallgorguina


The objective, is unveiled March Nordic with a healthy route guided by our instructor Mireia Teixidó.

It is a way of physical exercise in a suitable environment such as Vallgorguina.

In this activity we will explain where it comes from, how to use canes, what is the right material, and technique…

Later we will start the route around us.

It is very important to carry specific sticks for March Nordic; not serve trekking. Anyone interested in renting them to notify us at the time of registration.

Attached all the information:

Day: 23 October

Hour: 10.00 hrs

Meeting point: Plaça Sant Andreu - Vallgorguina

mandatory equipment: Let's fight march Nordic * Comfortable footwear | water | small backpack.

* (if you don't have canes march Nordic we can leave them to you

recommended material: Barret or cap | small breakfast or fruit

Kilometres : 10 km

Elevation Level: 300m